What is old is new again.

Measured Progress, the longtime test developer and vendor for the MCAS exam, has been selected as the vendor for the MCAS 2.0. This will include both the paper-based and computer-based exams in English language arts, mathematics, science and technology and history and social studies.

Next-generation MCAS contract notice

The vendor selection committee has determined that Measured Progress’ proposal best meets the Commonwealth’s requirements, including:

  • Their general plan
  • Management and staffing qualifications
  • Corporate and technical capacity
  • Online test delivery and management platform
  • Proposed budget
  • Their ability to carry out the optional tasks and future directions described in the procurement
  • Cost

The assessment contract notice is online. Scroll down to “Notice of Intent to Award” in the File Attachments section. American Institutes for Research (AIR) and  Measured Progress submitted bids for the next-generation MCAS project. The 12-member vendor selection committee included Department staff, representatives from Massachusetts school districts, and representatives from Massachusetts public higher education.



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