DESE has released the set of proposed changes to educator license regulations as part of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education meeting documents for the February 2017 meeting.

The wonks here are reviewing the proposed changes as we type, but we wanted to share the cover memo and draft regulations for licensure changes as soon as possible.

So what happens now?

At the February 28, 2017 BESE meeting, the proposed changes to licensure regulations will be shared with the BESE members, who will then vote to send the proposed changes out for public comment. For a period of not less than 60 days, DESE will collect feedback and comments on the proposed changes. It is possible that there will be modifications to the draft regulations. The final set of proposed changes will then come back to BESE for a public vote later this year. At that point, the final regulations will go into effect as voted.

What does this mean for my license?

Right now nothing changes. The proposed changes will not take away or modify your existing licenses. New licenses are created as part of this package and there are changes to renewing Professional-level licenses.

The Policy Minute will share more details on the content of the proposed changes in the next few days. Stay tuned.


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