The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education published the final form of the updated Mathematics curriculum frameworks in late June.

The 2017 frameworks were approved by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education in March 2017. The revisions to the frameworks were reviewed by a team of Massachusetts educators in partnership content advisors from Massachusetts institutions of higher education and DESE staff members.

Highlights of the revised 2017 Massachusetts Curriculum Framework for Mathematics include:

  • Stronger learning progressions for pattern recognition in the early grades, the measurement of circles in the middle grades, and ratio, rate, and proportions in the middle grades;
  • Revised language to clarify the standards, including the incorporation of footnotes into the standards, definitions of key terms, and examples to specify expectations for students;
  • A revised high school section with an explanation of the alignment between the Conceptual Category Standards and the Model High School course standards in the two model pathways (Traditional and Integrated);
  • Added guidance for making decisions about course sequences that includes pathways to calculus and other advanced mathematics courses;
  • New and revised Guiding Principles;
  • Revised and updated glossary and bibliography.

2017 Mathematics Framework Documents

2017 Mathematics Framework

Highlights: 2017 Revisions to the Mathematics Standards

Summary of Grade-by-Grade Detailed Revisions in Mathematics

MCAS Mathematics transition – 2018 New Test and New Frameworks for Grades 3-8

Massachusetts is transitioning from MCAS/PARCC to MCAS 2.0 in both format and test design in 2018. Also, the MCAS questions themselves will be updated to reflect the new 2017 curriculum frameworks.

The 2018 grade 3-8 Mathematics MCAS will be based on the newly revised 2017 curriculum frameworks

For the 2018, the grade 10 Mathematics MCAS will align to the 2001/2004 and 2010 Curriculum Frameworks. The Mathematics MCAS will align with the revised 2017 frameworks when MCAS 2.0 grade 10 tests are given for the first time in spring 2019.

Details on the 2017-2018 MCAS Schedule are available at

DESE Instructional Support Networks

The DESE is also hosting a series of events in 2017-2018 to support the implementation of the English Language Arts and Literacy Frameworks, the Mathematics Frameworks and the Science, Technology and Engineering Frameworks. These Instructional Support Networks will include professional learning opportunities for educators of English language learners, literacy specialists,  elementary educators, middle school educators, math specialists, curriculum specialists and science leaders.

Role of Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks

Curriculum frameworks in Massachusetts are used to guide local districts’ curriculum, units and lesson plans.  MCAS assessments are based on the curriculum frameworks while instructional decisions are made at the local level to determine the best methods and materials to prepare students based on local needs. Check with your local school or district administration to learn more about what is taught in local schools. All the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks are available at

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