MA Scores High on 2015 PISA Collaborative Problem Solving Assessment

Massachusetts public schools are a top performer in the international PISA Collaborative Problem Solving Skills assessment.

United States students outperformed their peers around the world, on average, on an international assessment of collaborative problem solving skills, with 14 percent of students scoring at the highest level of proficiency.

Massachusetts public school students came in second to Singapore in the percent of students who score at the highest level. Of the 15-year-old students who sat for the assessment, 21 percent of test-takers scored at the highest proficiency level in Singapore and 20 percent of test takers scored a the highest level in Massachusetts.

How did Massachusetts students do overall?

Considering that a level 2 is a baseline level of proficiency in collaborative problem solving where students can contribute to a collaborative effort to solve a problem of medium difficulty, 85 percent Massachusetts test-takers scored at proficiency level 2 or higher. Nearly 75 percent of U.S. students performed at or above level 2, which was higher than the OECD average of 72 percent. Among all education systems, the percentage scoring at or above level 2 ranged from 90 percent in Japan to 16 percent in Tunisia.

Read the full Collaborative Problem Solving Skills of 15-Year-Olds: Results From PISA 2015

In other PISA assessment results, Massachusetts also scored well on the PISA Financial Literacy assessment in 2015. The average score for Massachusetts was 523 – ahead of the United States average of 487 and the OECD average of 489.

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