Warren & Clark Review DeVos’ First Year

For profits and against civil rights. The offices of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Cambridge) and Congresswoman Katherine Clark (D-Melrose) released a report evaluating Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ first year on the job.

The report, entitled “DeVos Watch, Year One: Failing America’s Students,” provides a comprehensive overview of her numerous failures over the past year, concluding that her actions have harmed public education and students across the country.

Warren and Clark present four key findings to back up their claim: DeVos and her team have a multitude of potential conflicts of interest; she has prioritized the success of for-profit colleges at the expense of students; her department has repeatedly acted to weaken public education; and the Education Department under her leadership has largely abandoned its oversight of students’ civil rights protections.

While not surprising, these findings highlight DeVos’ disastrous education agenda and the importance of the Massachusetts Teachers Association and other organizations’ ongoing efforts to defend students and public education.

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