Interested in EdPrep? Consider being a CAEP volunteer!

Do you have experience in educator preparation? Have you hosted candidates from an educator preparation program or had a student teacher? Your expertise as a classroom educator is needed! Apply to become a CAEP Site Visitor volunteer! Applications are open until March 22, 2019.

CAEP – the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation – is the leading accreditation organization for educator preparation program in colleges and universities. One part of the CAEP accreditation process is the site visit. During the site visit, a team of volunteers reviews the reports prepared by the program seeking accreditation and participates in an on-site review of the program.

NEED:   PreK-12 educators to serve as Site Visit team members.  Applicants needed from all geographic regions, professionally licensed roles, representing racial/ethnic diversity of our students. Full training is provided by CAEP prior to participating in the first site visit.

THE TASK:  Site Team Members participate along with higher education faculty and state department of education staff in a review of evidence and narratives from educator preparation programs describing how the program meets CAEP standards for accreditation.

Site visits consist of an off-site conference call several months before the visit plus a three-day on-site visit. During the on-site review, site visit team members have the opportunity to tour the program facilities, visit cooperating PreK-12 school sites and interview candidates, faculty and stake holders.

TIME: Over a 9-month review cycle, a team member will may require three days of leave.  Travel expenses are paid by CAEP.  The cost of substitute teachers can be reimbursed to your district. 

QUALIFICATIONSAble to read academic text and write concise, evidence-based analysis as part of a team.  Able to collaborate, interview colleagues and others, and speak with accuracy and tact.  Should have experience analyzing data and assessments (e.g. classroom data, rubrics, portfolios, etc.), evaluate alignment and appropriateness of improvement strategies. Site visitors will also be expected to be comfortable accessing technology (email, online documents, sharing files).


Helpful info for HOW TO APPLY

Other questions? Leave us a comment or check out the CAEP information page for volunteers.

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