2019 MCAS reports and school/district accountability reports are here! If you require assistance in understanding, we have the focused/targeted support for you.

The school and district accountability reports were published by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education on September 24, 2019. A total of 1626 individual public and charter schools and  were honored with a reporting category this year. The vast, vast majority of schools earned the distinction of “Not Requiring Assistance or Intervention” while just 14% of schools are “Requiring Assistance or Intervention.”

If you are curious where your school and/or district fell in the report, you can access the full school and district accountability data report.

The current Massachusetts school and district accountability system is focused on two overall classifications of “Not Requiring Assistance or Intervention” and “Requiring Assistance or Intervention.” There are five designations within the “Not Requiring Assistance” category and two with the “Required Assistance” one.

For schools and districts “Not Requiring Assistance or Intervention,” the reasons for classification are determined by the amount of progress against DESE-determined target-levels of student performance on MCAS, progress in English language acquisition and “student opportunity” in areas such as chronic absenteeism and advanced coursework completion.

Schools and districts assigned to the “Requiring Assistance or Intervention” categories of “focused/targeted support” or “broad/comprehensive support” are calculated to be in the lowest 10% of schools, have low participation rates on MCAS or a sub-group achievement is low. See more on the accountability indicators here.

The full MCAS achievement results for both schools and districts are also available. School and district report cards and student score reports will be coming soon.




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