Add “Check on my student loans!” to the list after you fix all your clocks and change your smoke detector batteries.

As student loan repayments return in January 2022, now is the time to check on your loan status and learn more about updates to federal programs.

Be careful with targeted advertisements trying to consolidate your loans – go directly to the Federal Student Aid website at

If you are looking for information on Public Service Loan Forgiveness, don’t forget to read through the updated guidance on the limited waiver opportunity, the temporary expansion and use the PSLF Help Tool.

If you received a Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant for your educator preparation coursework, there is an obligation to report eligible employment to avoid having your grant converted to a loan.

If your TEACH Grants were converted to loans because you were denied eligible service or you missed a deadline, you can apply for a reconsideration. Instructions on contacting FedLoan Servicing and the eligible conditions for a TEACH Grant Conversion request are available here.

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