Time to share your comments with DESE on raising the MCAS score requirements to earn a high school diploma!

Public comment is open until June 3, 2022 on the proposed amendments to the regulations for Competency Determination for a high school diploma. Save the date for the June 28, 2022 Board of Elementary and Secondary Education meeting where BESE will discuss and vote on the final regulations.

Don’t forget that the same Department felt it was okay to offer a modified Competency Determination for students in the classes of 2020-2022 – where students below the Meets Expectation score on the MCAS only needed to take and pass a content area course. DESE even provided a handy list of courses that will satisfy the requirements. (And students in military families who enroll after the 11th grade are not required to take the MCAS at all in high school).

Take a look at our summary of the MCAS trends next to the proposals:

It would only seem reasonable that this same standard could apply going forward. Why not eliminate MCAS retesting in high school and allow local educators to support students in content area courses to meet the Competency Determination requirements? Why add more paperwork for EPPs and Performance Appeals – which will undoubtedly increase the workload for schools staff.

You can submit your comments in writing:
by mail to: Student Assessment Office, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, 75 Pleasant Street, Malden, MA 02148
by fax to: 781-338-3630
by e-mail to: mcas@doe.mass.edu

The full proposed amendments to 603 CMR 30.00 include:

  • Raising the MCAS scores in English Language Arts and Mathematics
  • Increase the paperwork requirements for a Education Proficiency Plan

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