Public Comment: Draft Health and Physical Education Frameworks

In the first updates since the late 1900s, the public comment is open through August 28 on the draft of the Health and Physical Education Frameworks.

At the June Board of Elementary and Secondary Education meeting, BESE members voted so send the draft frameworks out for a period of public comment. A memo from Commissioner Jeff Riley and summary of the topics included were presented.

This draft Health and Physical Education curriculum frameworks are the first update to this set of frameworks in the 21st century. However, this has not prevented any school district from revising their local curriculum or instructional materials for district health and physical education programs.

Individuals may submit public comment on the draft document to DESE by Monday, August 28, 2023.

Are teachers required to follow these frameworks?

No. BESE is charged only with setting curriculum frameworks for core subject areas under MA G.L. Ch. 69 Sec 1E. BESE may review and recommend instructional materials for districts, schools and classrooms – but the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education does not require, direct or oversee the adoption or implementation of any framework or instructional material used in local school districts.

What is different about Health and Physical Education frameworks?

Health and physical education are the only two subjects which are required to be taught in all public schools. Under state law ( MA G.L. Ch 71, Sec 1 and MA G.L. Ch 71, Sec 3) all public schools must offer health education and physical education, but school committees and districts have the discretion to implement locals standards, curriculum and instructional materials.

State law (MA G.L. Ch 71, Sec 32A) requires school districts to have policies notifying parents/guardians about instruction related to human sexual education and a process for parents “to exempt their children from any portion of said curriculum through written notification to the school principal.”

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