MCAS 2.0 is not taking the Commuter Rail to the next-generation assessment station. This train has left the building.

DESE has published the Development Process and Timeline with a goal of rolling out the new English language arts and mathematics MCAS 2.0 assessments by Spring 2017.


January 2016 – Informational updates to Assessment Oversight Committee of Board of Elementary and Secondary Education begin

February 2016 – Advisory workgroups start to meet

March 2016 – ESE issues request for proposals for a testing contractor

July 2016 – ESE awards new MCAS contract

Summer/Fall 2016 – Test development begins

Spring 2017 – MCAS 2.0 administered on paper and computer

Spring 2019 – MCAS 2.0 administered exclusively on computer (with paper versions as accommodations)

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