Observational Tools for Teacher/Faculty Feedback (Part 1)

Have you been asked to observe a fellow educator? Are you enrolled in school administrator preparation program? Are you supervising a student teacher? Are you part of a team that is rethinking teacher/faculty observation and feedback?

If you are looking to think outside of the standard rubrics, we have curated a list of our go-to materials and some valuable links from other states.

Remember, The Policy Minute does not endorse any single rubric or methodology when observing, evaluating or providing feedback to educators. Did we miss anything? If you have any suggestions, leave us a comment! We will answer your questions in later editions of our Observational Tools for Teacher/Faculty Feedback series.

Kim Marshall

Kim Marshall is a former Boston Public Schools principal and curator of the Marshall Memo. Marshall is the author of Rethinking Teacher Supervision and Evaluation: How to work smart, build collaboration and close the achievement gap.  Many of his resources are available at no-cost and his rubrics are open-source.

Here are the links to the Teacher and Principal rubrics:

The Danielson Group 

Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching by Charlotte Danielson and the accompanying Framework for Teaching together provide a rich set of resources for giving actionable feedback to educators.

The Danielson materials are widely available through a state department of education or available directly from the links below. Registration may be required but most electronic documents are available at no cost.


New York State Rubrics List

The New York State Department of Education (NYSED) has posted a list of rubrics and materials approved for use in New York teacher evaluations. While you may not be in New York, you can access this master list of contemporary educator evaluation materials and links.


Massachusetts Educator Evaluation Rubrics

Massachusetts requires specific standards and indicators to be used when evaluating the overall practice of educators in the statewide system. However, Massachusetts does not have a specific rule or tool designated for observing practice or giving formative feedback. The links below will bring you to the model rubrics designed for rating all aspects of an educator’s practice. These may be useful for aligning feedback to a district-based evaluation system or integrating with a preparation program..

Massachusetts Teacher, Administrator & Other School Faculty Rubrics

Guidebook for Inclusive Practice

Massachusetts Candidate Assessment of Performance (CAP) Rubrics & Observational Tools






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