Local associations who may be bargaining new contracts soon may also want to update their educator evaluation language. Check out the CEPP Explainer on Educator Evaluation and the Model Rubric for teacher evaluations and school level administrator evaluations.


In the summer of 2018, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education published a revised version of the model rubric for the teacher  and school-level administrator evaluation system in Massachusetts.

Does this mean your district must change the rubric used for formative and summative evaluations? Nope.

The Education Evaluation regulations (603 CMR 35.00), MGL Chapter 150E and Chapter 71, Section 38G all make it clear that:

  • The district’s selection of a rubric used in the teacher evaluation system is a mandatory subject of collective bargaining.
  • DESE does not have the authority to require a district to use any particular rubric.
    Districts are not required to use the updated rubric.
  • Under the Massachusetts General Laws, the procedures of the evaluation system must be bargained by school districts and teacher unions, and DESE does not have approval authority over the negotiated result.
  • DESE FAQs explain that there is no requirement to use the updated rubric or reconsider the rubric that districts are currently using.

For more tools from the Massachusetts Teachers Association on understanding the required elements and model educator evaluation system, check out our educator evaluation page here.

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