Help Wanted! Your thoughts on Educator License Changes

In February 2017, a set of proposed changes to educator licensure was released by DESE. Public comments are open until May 1, 2017.

The Massachusetts Teachers Association is preparing formal comments on behalf of our 110,000 members across Massachusetts. Our comments will reflect the concerns of our leadership, members, policy specialists and legal staff.

The complete set of links related to the proposed ammendments to licensure can be found at our post Licensure: Public Comment is Open til May 1.

Click the MTA survey link here to let us know to which changes you agree or disagree. The MTA is seeking your feedback on the draft changes to help guide our written documents.

(Note: The survey is closed. Thank you for your responses!) 

If you have additional comments or questions, please feel free to email us at

If you want to get into the details of the public comment process, see our post here.

 Here is a reminder of what is under the hood with licensure regulation changes:

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) release a set of proposed regulation changes. The proposed changes to regulations will affect the set of rules that govern educator preparation programs, teacher licenses and administrator licenses. Over the next few years, the DESE will be updating documents, guidance and deadlines to match the new regulations. Some of these changes will go into effect immediately; others will take several years to be fully implemented.

603 CMR 7.00

Educator Preparation Programs, Licensure Subject Matter Knowledge, Changes to Preliminary and Initial Licenses, Changes to Endorsements, Changes to Administrator Licenses

The full set of changes to 7.00 may be found here.


  • 7.02: Definitions
  • 7.03: Educator Preparation Program Approval
  • 7.04: Types of Educator Licenses, Requirements for Licensure, Licenses Issued, and Requirements for Field-Based Experience
  • 7.05: Routes to Initial Teacher and Specialist Teacher Licenses
  •  7.06: Subject Matter Knowledge Requirements
  • 7.07: Specialist Teacher Licenses
  • 7.08: Professional Standards for Teachers
  • 7.09: Licenses and Routes for Administrators
  • 7.10: Professional Standards for Administrative Leadership
  • 7.11: Professional Support Personnel Licenses
  • 7.12: Standards for Induction Programs for Teachers
  • 7.13: Standards for Induction Programs for Administrators
  • 7.14: Endorsements
  • 7.15: General Provisions


Comments may be submitted to: Office of Educator Preparation, Attn: Liz Losee, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, 75 Pleasant Street, Malden, MA 02148; by fax to: 781-338-3370; or by e-mail to

603 CMR 44.00

Changes to renewal of Professional Licenses, Changes to Professional Development Points (PDPs) requirements, dates of implementation

The full set of changes to 44.00 can be found here.


  • 44.02: Definitions
  • 44.03: General Provisions
  • 44.04: Options for Educators Employed in Massachusetts Public Schools
  • 44.05: Approval of Professional Development Plans
  • 44.06: Provisions applicable to licenses renewed on or after July 1, 2016
  • 44.07: Inactive and Invalid Licenses
  • 44.08: Application Process
  • 44.09: Documentation and Recordkeeping
  • 44.10: Reconsideration
  • 44.11 Failure to Satisfy Renewal Requirements


Comments may  be submitted to: Tonya Safford Educator Licensure Office, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, 75 Pleasant Street, Malden, MA 02148; by fax to 781-338-3391; or by e-mail to






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