The 2017 MCAS results and accountability rankings are now public for both the “Next Generation” MCAS and “legacy” Grade 10 MCAS assessments.

We break it down:

Results and Accountability 

  • Results from the 2017 MCAS assessment, including accountability designations, were released on October 18. DESE press release available at
  • DESE accountability materials are available at
  • Schools that administered the  Next Generation MCAS do not have an accountability level and are reported as “No Level.”
  • Schools that administered the legacy Grade 10 MCAS are assigned accountability levels based on the existing system.
  • No new level 4 or 5 schools will be designated this year.
  • School and District Profiles will be updated to include the 2017 MCAS data. Profiles are available at

Participation Rates & Accountability Levels

  • Schools that administered the Next Gen MCAS in any grade will not receive accountability designations for 2017, unless the participation rate was below 90% or the graduation rate is below 67%.
  • 21 schools that administered the next gen MCAS had participation rates below 90%; three schools that administered both the next gen and legacy MCAS had graduation rates below 67%. These schools received Level 3 designations.
  • Among schools that administered the legacy MCAS at grade 10, six had participation rates below 95% (assigned to Level 2) and nine had rates below 90% and were designated as level 3.

Some points to remember: 

  • Next Generation MCAS which as administered in grades 3-8  have scores reported in four performance categories – Exceeding Expectations, Meeting Expectations, Partially Meeting Expectations, Not Meeting Expectations.
  • The new categories do not correspond to the performance categories used on the legacy MCAS test – Advanced, Proficient, Needs Improvement and Warning/Failing.
  • The Next Generation MCAS test content and items are not equivalent to that of the previously administered MCAS tests.
  • No comparisons should be made between legacy MCAS scores and the results from the Next Generation MCAS.
  • The 2017 Next Generation MCAS results show about 50% of students meet or exceed expectations across all grades and subjects.

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