Civics education bill moves to conference committee.

On May 30, the House of Representatives passed 4545, An Act to promote and enhance civic engagement.

The legislation expands the Commonwealth’s civics education curriculum requirements to include instruction on the electoral process, digital media literacy and the roles and responsibilities of a citizen in a democracy, among other important topics. It also establishes a Civics Project Trust Fund to be run by the commissioner of elementary and secondary education for the purpose of developing a new curriculum framework, professional development opportunities, collaboration with various stakeholders, and a Commonwealth Civics Challenge.

Unlike similar legislation that passed the Senate last month (S. 2375) , this bill did not mandate civics projects as graduation requirements for eighth grade and high school students.

The Senate and House have appointed members of a conference committee charged with reconciling the differences between the two versions.

H/T to our friends in MTA Government Relations for the legislative updates.

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