Since 2010, 65 schools have been designated as “underperforming.” After at least three years of implementing a “turnaround plan”, a school is eligible to exit “underperforming” status and the final decision is determined by the Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education. See our post here with more information on  “turnaround plans” and “underperforming” status

Of the 49 schools ever eligible for consideration to remove the “underperforming” label, 29 schools have actually been moved out of the “underperforming” category.

So, how well did these 29 schools fare after leaving following the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education “turnaround plan?

The chart shows the school percentile ranking of each of these schools at the time the exit decision was made and the 2018 accountability percentile rank.

  • 9 schools (orange) increased their ranking by at least 6 points
  • 1 school increased to above the 50th
  • 20 schools either declined or showed no change.
  • 2 schools were ranked above the 50th percentile at exit and have declined since exiting.

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