February Board of Elementary & Secondary Education Agenda

The Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) will be meeting on February 12 starting at 8:30am. As with most February BESE meetings, issues related to charter schools dominate the agenda. A dash of science MCAS and state budget updates will break up charter school party. The BESE documents are available here or you can skip to the available documents below.

The BESE will  vote on regulations related to Science and Technology/Engineering graduation requirements. Massachusetts is updating the current science and technology/engineering MCAS to align with recent updates and curriculum changes. It was originally proposed that DESE would phase out the availability of Chemistry and Technology/Engineering MCAS options in favor of a single Biology MCAS. However, public comment opposed the elimination of these test options and the Commissioner concurred that further discussion is needed before eliminating any high school testing options.

The BESE will get updates on the applications for the Equity Lab Charter School in Lawrence and the Wildflower Montessori School in Haverhill. Spoiler alert: Both charters are not moving forward. Equity Lab withdrew their application after some irregularities and Commissioner Jeff Riley is not recommending the Wildflower school for approval. No votes will be taken on either school.

Can’t make the meeting in person? You can watch it live or online at livestream.com/accounts/22459134 .

Agenda Items:

Commissioner Jeffrey Riley’s Briefing to the BESE Members

  1. Charter Schools; Outcome of the Charter School Application Process
  2. Excel Academy: Expansion Request
  3. Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School: Report on Probation and Request to Amend Charter
  4. Alma del Mar Charter School-New Bedford Partnership: Progress Report
  5. Draft Updated Arts Curriculum Framework
  6. Amendment to Competency Determination Regulations on High School Science and Technology/Engineering, 603 CMR 30.00, for Classes of 2023 and 2024
  7. Governor’s FY2020 State Education Budget Proposal and House Bill 70: An Act to Promote Equity and Excellence in Education
  8. Report on Grants and Charter School Matters Approved by the Commissioner

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