Educators who hold an Emergency license may continue to be employed under the Emergency license for an additional year. *Educators with special education and English learner licenses need to take additional steps to work under the Emergency License in 2022-23.

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education announced an extension of the Emergency license for an additional school year. For most educators, the new expiration date will be updated in ELAR automatically.

For special education and ESL licenses, educators will need to apply to extend the Emergency license in ELAR. Teachers will need to submit specific requirements for their license before the extension is granted. The no-cost application will open on February 18, 2022.

At the end of the 2021 school year, approximately 2200 educators were employed under an Emergency license. Updated data on the number of educators currently employed under an Emergency License is not yet available. Candidates for licensure who are struggling to complete coursework or testing requirements due to COVID limitations may have additional MTEL options under the MTEL Alternatives pilot.

As a reminder, educators who hold an Emergency license are still subject to the requirement to hold the SEI Endorsement. An active license or license application is not required for any educator complete a pathway and apply for the SEI Endorsement.

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