Don’t panic! If you are currently working under an Emergency Voc Tech license, you can extend the license for the 2023-24 school year.

You many call it Chapter 74, a Career Vocational Technical Education (CVTE) or a Vocational Technical program and you hold a Vocational Technical Education license issued by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

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Top Questions for Voc Tech Licenses

Can I still apply for an Emergency Voc Tech license?

Yes. You have until November 7, 2023 to apply for an Emergency license as an academic or vocational technical educator.

Is an Emergency license valid and count towards Professional Teacher Status (PTS)?

Yes! The Emergency license is a valid license for employment in the role of the license. Employment under the Emergency license in the appropriate role can count towards the three complete years towards PTS.

How do I find the requirements to apply for a Voc Tech license?

Start with the License Requirements Tool to see the general requirements for each license type.

You can also create your account in ELAR and apply for the license. As you submit your documents, you will get a letter indicating which, if any items, are missing from your account.

My Emergency license is expiring. What can I do?

“Old” Emergency Voc Tech Licenses that were issued before December 12, 2021 can be extended through June 30, 2024. A first-time extension can be submitted via ELAR. If you are applying for a second Extension of an OLD Emergency license, you will need to submit a PAPER application to your ELAR account. The requirements and forms are available here.

“New” Emergency licenses that were issued between May 26, 2022 and November 7, 2023 are valid for one calendar year and may be extended up to two times. Applications for extension of a “New” Emergency license can be submitted via ELAR. The requirements for an Extension of a “New” Emergency license are in the License Requirements Tool for each field and grade level.

Can I apply for a Preliminary Voc Tech license?

Yes BUT…
The Performance Assessments for the Voc Tech teacher testing program are not yet available.
You can apply for your Preliminary license, submit all required documents to your ELAR account and take your written exam.
You may also pre-register for the performance exam. Once you complete the performance exam, your Preliminary license will be issued in your ELAR account.

Can I work as a Voc Tech teacher if the testing requirements for my license are not yet available?

Yes! You can be employed under an Emergency license, your district may apply for a waiver or you can work as a long term substitute for up to 90 days without the license.

We encourage you to create your ELAR account and apply for the Preliminary license early in the process so you can submit all other license requirements.

Other requirements? How do I know what those are?

The License Requirements Tool will allow you to search the requirements for every license type and field! In addition, all the documents for the Voc Tech licenses are available at

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