Your household may be eligible for discounted internet service. Outreach is happening to get families signed up – but educators should not overlook their own eligibility.

The Affordable Connectivity Program – which replaced the Emergency Broadband Benefit program – will allow a discount of $30 a month per household for internet connection (including connections part of a bundle). It looks like most Massachusetts internet service providers participate. This includes both broadband and wireless internet service providers.

Teachers who have children enrolled in a Community Eligibility Provision district (where all students get free lunch and breakfast) or an ESP who gets a Pell Grant for a bachelor’s program. Aspiring Educators who qualify for Pell Grants or receive survivors benefits will also qualify.

The application process is a bit complex. For families with students enrolled in public schools, a letter may be required from the school district to confirm enrollment.

So who is eligible? If ANY member of the household receives one or more of the following:

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