Teacher Turnover in “Broad/Comprehensive Support” Schools #DataVizDay

The schools may need help, but what happens to the teachers?

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The teacher turnover rate represents the percentage of teachers who were working at the school in a given year who did not return in the next school year. Teacher turnover rates have increased in these schools since they were originally designated as under-performing. The destabilization of the teaching force has been an increasing issue in under-performing and chronically under-performing schools.

The chart shows the teacher turnover rates for each of these schools from 2009 to 2018. Each line displays the teacher turnover rate for a single school currently designated as under-performing or chronically under-performing.

In 2018, thirty schools have been designated as “in need of broad, comprehensive support” under the new accountability system. All of these schools were labeled as Level 4 or Level 5 under the previous system. Twelve of the 30 schools were first labeled as level 4 in 2010.

Statewide average turnover rate has ranged from 13.1% to 16.5% during the same time period.


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