Teacher Turnover in DESE-Involved Schools #DataVizDay

turnover chart

Teacher turnover is the percent of teachers who leave a school and who are replaced by a different teacher by the next school year.

Underperforming (UP or Level 4) and Chronically Underperforming (CUP or Level 5) are schools and districts with math and English language arts MCAS test scores that are among the lowest in the state and have failed to improve the test scores after several years of implementing “improvement plans.”  The first UP schools were selected by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) in 2010.

Teacher turnover rates in schools designated as UP or CUP in 2017-18 have almost doubled since 2010. Among the “improvement” strategies required by DESE are the requirement that teachers reapply for their jobs, collective bargaining rights are reduced and/or changes in the school systems drive the experienced teachers out of the school. We also know that all UP and CUP schools have a majority of students who are economically disadvantaged.

During the same time, the teacher turnover rates in schools not designated as UP or CUP have showed much lower rates of teachers leaving the school.  In the same time, teacher turnover in all other schools was ranging from 14% to 16%.

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