How can five students sink the ranking for an entire school?

Our Real School is in the 59th percentile of all schools, met 75 percent of targets and has a graduation rate of 93.2 percent.

For 2018 MCAS, 98 percent of all students took English, 97 percent of all students took Math and 98 percent of all students took Science.

But wait. Only 94 percent of students with disabilities students took the MCAS math over the  2017 and 2018 test administrations.


School classifications include “Not Requiring Assistance or Intervention” and
“Requiring Assistance or Intervention.”Schools classified as “Not Requiring Assistance or Intervention” are differentiated by the percent of targets reached: Met Targets (75 or above) and Partially Met Targets (0-74).

Ticking just one of the following requirements triggers the “Requiring Assistance or Intervention” label and placement into “Focused/Targeted Support”:

  • falling into the lowest 10% of schools in student performance for all students and subgroups on MCAS and other factors included in the accountability percentile (includes targets)
  • low graduation rates (below 66.7% for the most recent four-year cohort) for all students
  • low student participation on MCAS (below 95%) over two years for all students
  • low student participation on MCAS (below 95%) over two years for at least one subgroups

See our post here on the number of schools placed into the “Focused/Targeted Support” category in 2018.

The elements of this current system rely on metrics based on English, math and science MCAS performance, growth of test scores on MCAS, high school completion, progress towards English proficiency, chronic absenteeism and completion of advanced coursework.

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